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 Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy is totally safe but therapists will not treat in the first trimester (must be 12weeks or over). If you are in doubt if pregnancy massage is safe for you, speak to your GP or midwife.  
Pregnancy massage is specifically adapated to the mother-to-be and uses a gentle pressure to help aleviate any pain and increase relaxation during the pregnancy. The massage is tailored to the individual and the therapist will listen to your concerns regarding tenison and pain and work to faciliate any unwanted symptoms. 
Pregnancy massage is usually performed with the patient lying on their side, particularly towards the end of the pregnancy, and to make them feel more comfortable cushions and pillows can be used for support. 

Benefits of pregnancy massage

 Increased Blood Circulation
This will bring more oxygen to mother and the baby, stimulating the lymphatic system resulting in a stronger immune system and help to reduce toxins in the body. It will also help prevent varicose veins from forming which is common during pregnancy

 Massage Helps To Relieve Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is a common pregnancy symptom that can be caused by the hormone relaxin that causes ligaments that support the spine to relax. This can cause instability and pain.

 Relieves Depression and Anxiety
It is very common for postnatal depression to start during the third trimester of pregnancy and massage helps to stabilise hormone levels which can relieve anxiety and depression.

 Improved Sleep

Massage relaxes the nervous system and therefore will sleep better. In addition to the mum being more relaxed the other benefits of massage such as back pain relief will also make the mother more comfortable which will help her sleep better.

 Decreased Swelling
Edema, which is the swelling of joints during pregnancy, is caused by decreased circulation while pregnant as well as the increased pressure on major blood vessels. Having a pregnancy massage can greatly reduce edema by improving circulation and reducing the fluid collected in swollen joints.

 Reduced Muscle Pain and Headaches
During pregnancy your body changes and your center of gravity moves. In addition to this there is quite a bit of extra weight placed on muscles and joints.
All these changes result in your muscles taking strain and can also result in headaches. Pregnancy massage can help to relieve this pain and to reduce headaches.
Pregnancy massage will also help you to keep better posture which will also in turn help to reduce muscle strains and pains.

 Prepares Your Body For Labour and Birth
Studies has shown that women that have pregnancy massages have less complications during birth as well as fewer postpartum complications. These women reportedly had shorter hospital stays, shorter labours and less incidence of post natal depression.

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